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Gronau W., Orphanidou Y., Kaufmann R. (2009)
Branding local heritage - traditional food - as a form of sustainable tourism - the case of Cyprus In: Vrontis, D., Weber, Y., Kaufmann, R. and Tarba, S., Managerial and Entrepreneurial Developments in the Mediterranean Area, EuroMed Press: Cyprus
Gronau Werner & Kagermeier Andreas (2009)
Successful public transport offers for leisure and Tourism: some reflections on framework Conditions and influencing factors based on German case studies.
Travel and Tourism Research Association Europe 2009 Annual Conference in Rotterdam / Breda
Gronau W., Michael C., Orphanidou Y., Panayiotou G. (2009)
A "Co-Working" Relationship: University of Nicosia and Cyprus Cruise Industry 4th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications in Nicosia
Gronau Werner & Tayia Constantinou (2007)
Traditional food and beverages a promising opportunity for promoting destinations - the Case of Cyprus - 19th International Tourism Conference in Ohrid
Gronau Werner & Andreas Kagermeier (2006)
Erfolgsfaktoren intermodaler Mobilitaetsangebote für Freizeit und Tourismus
Annual DGT- Conference 2006 (German Association of Tourism) in Dresden
Gronau Werner (2006))
Participation of tourists in a every-day-village-work as a new dimension in the Cypriot "Agrotourism" concept
24th EuroCHRIE Congress 2006: In Search of Excellence in Tourism, Travel & Hospitality. Thessaloniki, Greece: University of the Aegean.
Gronau Werner & Andreas Kagermeier (2003)
"Possibilities and Constraints for Mobility Management in Small Urban and Rural Communities"
European Conference on Mobility Management in Karlstadt/Sweden (http://epomm.org/ecomm2003/ecomm/fullpapers) Anmerkung: Link existiert nicht!!