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Areas of Concentration/ Research Interests:
  Leisure Activities, Leisure Mobility, Leisure Facilities
  Sustainable Tourism, Regional Impacts of Tourism
  Public Transport Systems, Mobility Management, Sustainable Mobility
Funding (grants, contracts, research awards)
EU-project Active Access - Encouraging Active Travel for Short Trips to Improve Health and the Local Economy
(member of the application team and regional partner for Cyprus)
Content of the project: Promotion of walking and cycling as less energy consuming ways of transport
Institution: 7th framework EU
Starting Date: 4/2009 (3 years)
EU-project LINK "European Forum on Passenger Intermodality"
(member of the application team and regional focal-point for the Eastern Mediterranean)
Content of the project: Promotion of Intermodality as a more sustainable way of passenger transportation
Institution: 6th framework EU
Starting Date: 4/2007 (3 years)
EU-project PROUD "Promoting Urban Sustainable Development in Local Authorities"
(member of the application team and project management team)
Content of the project: Implementing a forum for local information and awareness towards sustainable development in the context of cities.
Institution: 6th framework EU
Starting Date: 10/2006 (3 years)
EU-project Leonardo da Vinci Framework Quality in Mobility projects
(demonstration partner)
Content of the project: Implementing a EU-wide internet based communication platform for supporting the mobility of workforces in the segment of Tourism and Hospitality industry.
Institution: 6th framework EU
Starting Date: 10/2003 (3 years)
Demonstration project "IMAGO" including 9 different partners to promote mobility management measures in rural areas.
(member of the application, project management and evaluation team)
(for further information see: www.imago-mobil.de)
Content of the project: Inventing mobility management measures also in rural areas to strengthen the role of public transport.
Institution: BmbF (German Ministry of Research)
Starting Date: 1/2001 (3 years)
Research project "Impacts of large-scale leisure facilities"
(sole responsibility for application and processing)
Content of the project: An empirical study of the impact of these facilities concerning traffic, urban development and the habits of its customers e.g. a probable change of their holiday behaviour from one long-term holiday towards several short-time visits to such facilities.
Institution: DFG (German society for research)
Starting Date: 9/2000 (2 years)
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